The FOS Crew - FiberOptic Supply

Bryan Hogan

Bryan's tenure with FiberOptic Supply dates back to the spring of 2001. He joined the sales force as a manager and was offered a minority stake in the privately held company. Bryan's business back ground includes many different types of sales and sales management positions. Bryan received his degree in K-12 education from the University of Northern Colorado in December of 1992. After graduation he worked in several fields not directly related to his degree. Bryan was employed in Cable television, golf course management, golf club sales, and information systems sales for the second largest privately held company in Colorado. The nine years he spent in several different industries helped to form his sales and management philosophies. Bryan believes that sales is about building strong relationships with your customers and providing only the highest quality products. When this philosophy is coupled with exceptional customer service and attention to detail the end result is a company like FiberOptic Supply. Bryan is now the sole owner of FiberOptic Supply and remains involved in the day to day operations. Feel free to pick up the phone and call him anytime regarding your fiber optic needs.


Eddie Holub
Sales Manager / Web

Eddie joined FiberOptic Supply in 2005 as a sales manager. Having a background in web design and IT, Eddie is also head of the company's website design/operation and day-to-day computer network maintenance. Since joining the company, web sales have increased substantially by giving customers a unique experience on viewing and purchasing fiber optic products. Eddie believes strongly in great customer service and building relationships which equates to continued business from our customers. Please feel free to contact Eddie with any questions or fiber optic needs you may have.


Traci Hogan
Office Manager

Traci Hogan joined FiberOptic Supply in 2003 as a part time employee. She quickly ramped up to full time and is now our office manager. Her duties include AR/AP and general accounting. Traci graduated from the University of Northern Colorado in 1993 with a degree in Kinesiology. Please feel free to contact Traci anytime with your questions or requests for information.


Greg Charlton

Greg joined FiberOptic Supply in 2014 as a sales associate. His background includes several different types of sales and customer service positions. He received his degree from the University of Arizona in 1991. Greg is a native of Colorado and has lived in Arizona, Texas and Costa Rica prior to returning to Colorado. Greg believes great customer service consists of communication, follow through and relationship building. Please feel free to contact Greg with any questions or fiber optic needs you may have.


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