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Jonard - MS-326 - Micro Duct Fiber Cable Slitter and Ring Tool


Part #: JON01960
Manf Part #: MS-326
Brand: Jonard

Groove Sizes:

  • 5.0 - 5.6 mm
  • 6.0 - 6.6 mm
  • 7.2 - 7.8 mm
  • 7.8 - 8.4 mm
  • 9.4 - 10 mm
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Product Detail

Brand Name: Jonard
Our P/N: JON01960
Manufacturer P/N: MS-326

Product Description

The patented MS-326 micro duct fiber cable slit and ring tool is designed to provide easy access into fiber optic cables specifically designed for use in micro ducts. These cables have a thin wall jacket design that is difficult to open without causing damage to the buffer tubes inside, but the MS-326 addresses that concern. The MS-326 will also slit open thin wall buffer tubes.

Building on the popularity of Jonard Tools' MS-6 and MS-26 fiber optic mid span slitting tools we’ve incorporated a ring feature into the MS-326 making it even more versatile.

The MS-326 consists of 5 precision slitting grooves and 5 ring grooves ranging in size from 5mm to 10mm.

Easy to use:

  • Ring Cut (circumferential cut):
  • Open ring side of tool and select correct groove size
  • Place the cable in the tool and close
  • Follow the rotation direction indicated by the arrow on the top cover
  • Rotate the tool 3 times around the cable, then open and remove the cable
  • Slit Cut (longitudinal cut):
  • Open slit side of tool and select correct groove size
  • Place the cable in the tool and close
  • Use the marks on the side of the tool to align the blade inside the ridges of the cable
  • Pull the tool in the direction indicated on the top of the tool
  • Open the tool and remove cable, pick apart the jacket along the slitting line


  • This tool was designed for the below Corning cables and other similar styles:
    • 72 fiber MiniXtend Fast Access Binderless
    • 96 fiber MiniXtend Fast access Binderless
    • 144 fiber MiniXtend Fast Access Binderless
    • 144 fiber HD MiniXtend
    • 192 fiber HD MiniXtend
    • 216 fiber HD MiniXtend
    • 288 fiber HD MIniXtend

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Spec Sheet

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