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dry-connector-cleaning-sticklers-cassette-cleanclicker Sticklers Cassette CleanClicker STK10024 $40.75 $40.75

chemtronics-cck-1_1 Chemtronics CCK-1 Cleaning Kit FOP10712 $23.80 $23.80

AFL-90r-splicer_1 AFL Fujikura 90R V Groove Ribbon Splicer B & C AFL10085 $15,225.00 $15,225.00

jonard-jic-183-heavy-duty-scissor Jonard JIC-183 Heavy Duty Scissors JON02770 $17.10 $17.10

inspection-noyes-focis-flex Noyes / AFL FOCIS Flex Fiber Optic Inspection - No Tips NOY15008 $1,895.00 $1,895.00

sticklers-cleanwipes-1 Sticklers CleanWipes 600 STK10030 $17.35 $17.35

jonard-tk-105-mid-span-kit Jonard TK-105 Fiber Optic Mid Span / RIng Tool Kit JON01971 $276.75 $276.75

Commscope_FOSC450B_1 Commscope FOSC450-A4-A1V Dome Closure TYC19996 $147.50 $147.50

sticklers-gel-remover-1 Sticklers Icky Pic Cleaner Pen STK10035 $11.75 $11.75

stripper-miller-cfs-3.jpg Miller Ripley Fiber Optic Stripper CFS-3 CLS10311 $44.01 $44.01

jonard-ms-306-mid-span-slitter-replacement-blade Jonard MS-306 Replacement Blades MS-306RB JON01956 $50.35 $50.35

Commscope_FOSC450D_6V_1 Commscope FOSC450-D6-6V Dome Closure TYC20008 $391.88 $391.88

stripper-ripley-FO-R12.jpg Miller Ripley Fiber Optic Ribbon Stripper FO-R12 FOP17019 $72.35 $72.35

jonard-ast-118-armored-mid-span-slitter Jonard AST-118 Armored Cable Slitter JON00037 $121.95 $121.95

jonard-ast-10-armored-mid-span-slitter Jonard AST-10 Armored Cable Slitter JON00035 $113.95 $113.95

jonard-jic-2755 Jonard Flush Cut Plier JIC-2755 JON02755 $8.85 $8.85

jonard-ms-316-mid-span-slitter Jonard MS-316 Mid Span Slitter JON01957 $91.10 $91.10

AFL-90s-splicer_1 AFL Fujikura 90S Core Alignment Fusion Splicer B & C AFL10077 $10,400.00 $10,400.00

PSI-15 Jonard Quick Sleever - PSI-15 JON10700 $20.65 $20.65

Subtotal $28,970.09
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Total $28,970.09
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